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Today we went on a field trip. no ja, not the whole school went away (which are about 2700 children), only the international students went away. There are about 70. We had as always 09:00 .. The nice trips is that you should not wear uniform. We left half an hour later the bus on the way to the Sky Tower. It was really cool to see it up close. The elevator went up 220m. We were a bit unlucky with the weather but all in all it was very cool to experience. You have a 360 ° view of the entire Auckland, quite impressive. Really long, we have not been for what later we were already on the bus to our next destination.
Our next destination was Bastion Point. It is somewhat higher but the view I saw there, I never expected. You look out on a very big river and if you focus your eyes you can see the Sky Tower. The scenery in New Zealand is simply amazing. Even though it was not much to do there, (There were just some palm trees and lots of grass) is the 1000 times better than anywhere else.
Our next destination was Mission Bay. This is a beach. We got here 2 hours of free time. Anna and I have very much use of it. We first put us in the "Starbucks’ because it was a bit of a drip. I got there drank a delicious hot chocolate. What strikes me is that they eat a lot of marshmallows in New Zealand. They put themselves marshmallows in their hot chocolate. (I really dislike this because the sweeter, better 🙂 ) When the weather improved we went to the beach. We have very amused because making pictures. We have ourselves acquired a New Zealand flag; This gives cool effects. It really was a very nice day!

Some pictures: (For more images look under the 'Photos New Zealand')


Op Bastion Point


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