Today is the beginning of the examination week. They have exams 12 August to 19 August. It is very different from us. Hang throughout the school examination schedules. This is so you can test by which subjects and when. Since the school is very large, they have exams for- and afternoon. Fortunately, you do not have to come every day! 😅 For example, I have some exams on the first Friday, Monday and last Friday. The rest of the days I have so pretty. Really this is obviously not, some day trips rather off never hurts. 😉 Anna en ik hebben ook heel wat gepland voor de komende week/weken. I must benefit. But now return “back to reality”, I had today in the afternoon exam studies on mechanics. They have dealt with this subject here before I arrived. I knew in other words, not at how to solve the exam… And yes, there are still other times to prove myself when I know what to do.
Today there was a man of international students year. He gave it to a party at his home. Everyone was invited. Afterwards were seen 40 children just a little too much. 😂 As he speaks Spanish as their mother tongue was mainly played Spanish music. I'm currently a little sick so. But it was still very nice.


Today was a little less crowded. I stayed home all day to 17:00. Anna and I have been invited to a BBQ of a kiwi friend of Anna. It was organized by a youth group of the New Zealand church. First few games were played and then was eaten. Ik vond het vooral leuk om wat echte kiwi’s te leren kennen 🙂


Today I am with Anna, Julia (Germany) in Ariane (Germany) went to Rangitoto Island. We had to get up quite early to get on time to the ferry station. First by bus to the nearest station, and 40 minute train ride to Auckland City and then 25 minutes by ferry to the island. From the boat was already really wonderful to see. I could hardly wait until we arrived. On arrival our first plan hiking to the top of the inactive volcano. The walk calls the Summit Track '. This is a walk of an hour but that is good for your health. The walk was really super nice. It felt like we were is some tropical jungle on the hike. Having washroom totally exhausted the view was just more beautiful. You had a view of both the other islands and on the coast of Auckland. wonderful! Also, you could look for the crater of the volcano, very impressive! After we had seen it we went back down to what is in the lava caves snooping. Although it is quite dark here, of course, remained a top experience. Then we came up with the good idea for a walk 3 hours to make on the west side of the island. For this we had to unfortunately again all the way up 😂😅. In the beginning of the 3 hour walk we had during 15 minute steps expire. Afterwards it was time for hiking. After an hour's time for a stop in Mackenzie Bay was. A very nice beach, The good weather also played its role. After half an hour break we continue our walk through "Rangitoto Wharf '. were some houses of former Maori at the end of the walk that inhabited the island. It is now forbidden to build yet but they let the old heritage or stand. These are currently still be sold to people who also agree to come on vacation and then stay there.
After this cool, but exhausting day we took the last ferry back to Auckland. These went to 16:00. If you miss this you can pick up your wallet. You should call the water taxi and then $80 per person pay. Fortunately we did not do this for!



Left to Right: Ariane, Anna, Julia and myself


Mackenzie Bay

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