'Exam stress’


Today was my first real exam. I had a math exam. This time I only had to come in the afternoon. I think it's really nice that all my exams were in the afternoon, I could use some sleep 🙂 . Since they are here with some math behind us, the exam was not too difficult. The exam consisted of three parts: Algebra, Graphs en Geometry. As I 3 hour exam should not completely cover (International students have a card that allows them after the exam 1 hours may leave) I've just done Algebra.
After the exam have Anna and I agreed in Lynn Mall. We have gone there to a supermarket and bought ingredients to make cupcakes. When we got home Luanna gave us first have a briefing. We can only cook if one parent is at home. We have in fact lost confidence when we warm noodels forests. It is so that 'Two Minute Noodles'. You open the bag, covered it in a bowl, fills it with water, puts it in the microwave and ready. We were the forgotten water so they were a bit burnt 😂😂. But under the watchful eye of Luanna are the cupcakes out well!


Today I had no exam. Even Anna had no. We do this also used to go to the 'Jump’ to go. That's a big indoop trampoline park. It was really nice. An hour does not seem long but if you nonstop jump than it can ever be tiring! You have trampolines in different colors and Grootes. We were very lucky that we were the only two. Indeed, it is Tuesday and you have around normally 13:00 school. Because we were only one of the 'supervisors’ we learned some tricks on 'The Wall'. The Wall is the intention that you fall on your back and walk with your feet on a vertical wall. Every time you doctorate in trampoline, go a little higher and after a while it seems as if you are walking vertically. This is our unfortunately never succeeded. It's not easy. We could start and this 6 Repeat times but after the 7th time we came too far from the wall to walk yet. It's also a little scary, as each bump on your back.
When we were done we were able to really fully enjoy the good weather. The sky was bright blue, see no cloud. And for winter 😉

IMG_7831 IMG_7829 (1) IMG_7828

2 thoughts to “'Exam stress’

  1. Louise A.

    Oh haha ​​cool boulder and much success with that damn exams. Or a cool until you got there, which would also apply int College? Would be funny so much fun there xx

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