The start of the new school year in Belgium and also the start of spring in New Zealand. Spring was welcomed here at school with the photographer. We were all expected in perfectly uniform. The international students were divided into two groups. Each group must have at least one person per country. Also two children from the same country were not next to each other. It was moved a lot between themselves and the pictures were taken permanently after about half an hour. 🙂 . Then there were photographs taken by country. These pictures I have been able to get hold of and can be found under "Photos New Zealand '. I am very happy with the pictures.


Today I left quite early on the way to “Snowplanet”. It is therefore the spring is time to grab come back to Winter, dachten we 😉 . We were with a group of 6. This group consisted of 4 Germans, myself and a guy from Myanmar. After a two-hour journey we arrived. It is a quite large indoor slope. You have a beginner's slope, a blue run and a short black slope. We had a pass 4 hour so definitely had bought enough time to try everything. ⛷. We started with a small warming on the beginner slopes. That quickly became a bit boring so we went with the pancakes lifts up to the blue slope. In the beginning we were quite cautious, in the end we just went in a straight line down. Anna and I have also tried a small piece of black. It was quite timid and we were glad we did it but did it a second time. 😉 . On the way home are who first made a stop at a German bakery. Finally good bread! Anna has bought himself a sandwich. I might have a slice and there could very much enjoy. 🍞
Het was een toffe maar koude dag 🙂 .

IMG_8105 IMG_8068 IMG_8082 IMG_8096

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