Escaping in London

During the first week of the Christmas holidays 2016 I went on a camp in London. This camp was – just like my camp in Sweden – organized by topvakantie.


At 06:00 punctually we were expected in station of Brussels. We left with the bus – filled with 25 people – to London. First via the Calais train, when we arrived in the busy London we went straight to the hostel. After some introductory games we were allowed to go into our rooms. The rooms consisted of two bunk beds, 4 lockers and a private sink. The showers and toilets were located in the hallway. After we had our lunch we made a little walk in the town we were staying. There wasn't a lot to see but it was still nice to do. When it slowly began to get dark, we took the bus to 'London City’ .. We were dropped off there and we made another walk. London is in fact very nicely decorated during the Christmas period. We went through Oxford street and Regent street (which was very nicely decorated, there were like angels hanging above your head) and Leicester Square. Here we got half an hour to eat something. I went along with Amber and Imke (both vegetarians) to 'Bella Italia'. It is – as you might guess – an Italian restaurant. I have a very good pizza with mozzarella, olives and salami eaten. After dinner we took a moment to visit the Christmas market in Leicester Square. very cozy. When we met went back with the group towards Big Ben and the London Eye to also admire this. We went from the Westminster underground station with the metro towards Willesden Green. This took about 25 minutes. Then it was a fifteen minute walk to the hostel and then dive into our bed.


We were between 8 and 9 hours expected at the breakfast. The breakfast was typically something they eat in England and New Zealand. Indeed, there was plenty of toast. This could eat with jam or butter. An extensive choice you could not call it so. We left at 9:15 to the subway station and took the metro to Covent Garden. We were given free time and we could look around. Afterwards we took the subway back to Bond Street. We have since then made a little walk in the less busy streets of London and to close again Stopped at Liberty. Meanwhile, it was almost noon, and we had time to eat. I along with some other girls' Vapiano’ going to eat. This is a chain serving Italian cuisine. They also work with a very nice concept associated with paying your food. It consists in 28 different countries of the world. If you encounter ever so once, eens binnenspringen zou ik zeggen 😉 .Ik heb er een tomatensoep gegeten met croutons. In the afternoon we went with a group of 9 went to the Tower Bridge. For this we took the metro from Oxford Circus to Tower Hill. Tower Bridge is quite some distance from the center, and I was therefore glad that I could go. We have the famous bridge also 'climbed'. We are there with the elevator to go up there and had a nice view over London. There was also some places a glass floor so you could look down. I thought it was definitely worth. Afterwards we took the subway to go in Blackfriars and then to the Tate Museum. This is a free museum where you can admire modern art. It is a very large building. It has such 10 floors, This of course makes it a nice view. After a long day, one that we still do have to walk a lot, we went back to Leicester Square. I am going back with Amber and Imke food. We first quick in M&M's World entered and are in the McDonald something to eat. Meanwhile, it was already 19:30 and we went to start our last activity. We went to the London Eye. I found it very nice to see London from a different perspective. Also, all the lights were clearly visible, This made for a nice effect. Afterwards we went back to the hostel. Mijn voeten konden wel wat rust gebruiken 🙂 .


After breakfast we could choose between two different activities for the morning. Part of the group went to Harrods and Science Museum, and the other part went to the prime meridian of Greenwich and finished with a cruise on the Thames. I had chosen the latter option. We had to take the subway from Willesden Green to Cutty Sark. Cutty Sark is about the other side of London. We had therefore long lasting on the subway and change at Canary Wharf on a train. I found it quite fun to experience the London train. These works include all automatic. So there is no driver in front. If you stand so you can just at the front of the train looking outside. When we arrived we had to have a walk up to the Prime Meridian. At the top of a mound state signed a golden line to represent the Prime Meridian. Also you have to pay £ 9 to stand with your two feet on each side of the line. This is what we have not done. Because if you consider your compass where this meridian exact, you know that golden line is wrong. You're namely at 0 ° 00'16” oosterlengte. We went looking for the real. We also found a little further than. What a pity for the people who pay £ 9 and deceived 😋. Afterwards we went to the Thames and we have taken their seats in the boat. Despite the fact that it was a bit foggy, I still enjoyed it – something go – warm and indoors.
During the afternoon I went with two other girls fish&chips to eat in a local restaurant. I do have enjoyed. Than we are – back with a part of the group – finally go shopping again. We got two hours and half the time in and around Carnaby Street. Amber and I mainly walked on Regent Street and popped round at Victoria's Secret. We had just enough time already to buy something. We have put us afterwards as in Starbucks and then came together with the group. stood as an evening "Winter Wonderland’ on the program. This is a huge Christmas market where also some amusement rides. I have eaten a delicious hot dog. Against 19:30 We left there on the way back to the hostel.


The last day, Today was shopping on the program. Until about a little after noon we had free time in Oxford Street. The good weather made it all again twice as nice. After a delicious soup to have drunk and have some stuff we had already bought the bus. We drove toward the train and when we got there we could not leave. Due to delays we have at least an hour and a half waiting. Eventually we arrived at nice time in Brussels. It was a nice 4 day!

The Shard, the great pyramid-shaped building, seen from Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge

In de London Eye met Amber

Christmas lights in Regent Street

Prime Meridian of Greenwich

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