Why I love travelling


A phrase I have said more then once, but I still keep repeating it. You might think that I am one of those many dreamers but for me it's more than that. It is a life goal, and I will work on it for my whole life. I do not expect to have seen the whole world but I just want to be able to say: “I've seen the world, the world that I wanted to see.”

This sounds all very nice, but why would you want to travel that much?
Is it not good at home?
Don't you feel lonely than?

These are questions that you might get. The only thing that I can say is:

Travelling is unique, It gives you the opportunity to get to know new things. It increases your knowledge and is a good therapy. You are free. Nobody tells you what to do. No one knows you when you are abroad. It's easy to change while you are travelling. It is like a snake who leaves its skin between two stones. You can be who you want to be and if you don't like your’ 'new you'? Then turn back.
En yes, I like home. But don't you wish sometimes to do something that is not found in your comfort zone? I do. I also don't let anything pass by. Hopefully I will not regret anything later, and I hope that I took every opportunity – that was offered – in my life.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

As you travel a lot, you will never come back home the way you left. Some things will always stay behind, with your new friends and memories. But that's just the price you have to pay afterwards. You see new people and do new things almost every day on your trip, and it is why you don't feel lonely.
You are independent, not lonely.

It is also true that I like to get involved in the culture.. You compare, but be careful! Don't compare too much because then you will not longer be open to new things. You can do it perfectly well but make sure that you learn something from it. A homestay is - in my opinion - the ideal solution.

After you return, you often think a lot about it for weeks, sometimes even months or years. If you do, then you know your journey was succesful!

On to the next adventure 🙂 !

2 thoughts to “Why I love travelling

  1. Lynn

    I love this post – especially the metaphor of the snake shedding its skin. I’ve become a totally different person after some of my biggest trips, and I’m looking forward to see how travel will continue to shape me in the future!

    1. Tania Author of message

      Thank you!
      It’s just wonderful to see how things van change. Travelling will always be a part of your heart!

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