Day off


My last day in Canada. I wish therefore be as useful as possible. My girlfriends forests go shopping but I did not useful enough as it is something you can do every day if necessary. So I decided to just go out on. Lots of free time was therefore not actually today.

Casa Loma
Casa Loma is not far from the subway station where I have to go every day. I was also planning to go hiking. This did unfortunately not spotless. I was wrong twice in the street and it was eventually 40 min instead 10 min to get to it. Upon arrival, I was immediately surprised by the beautiful castle. I went inside, took a floor plan and began the visit on the first floor. There are really many rooms to visit, all decorated just like it used to. This floor I found quite interesting and a little history on travel may of course sometimes. On to the next level. The third floor was previously adapted as a museum. There were medals and paintings and was also the old costumes to look. On this floor there was an access to the "Norman Tower '. This is the highest point of the castle. When I got up I immediately enjoyed the view. Toronto Skyline was super nice!
Once again I went down to the tunnels that eventually played in the old stables and car collection. Unfortunately they had no horses. After a brief stop in the gift shop I went off again.

Ripleys aquarium
On to the fish. (Heel veel kan ik hier niet over vertellen aangezien we allemaal weten hoe een aquarium er uitziet 😉 ). but bon, I have the whole 'Nemo crew’ found it. So they are no longer looking. They have a lot of sharks. They swam sometimes quite literally over your head because they have a glass tunnel. When I arrived at the jellyfish, I was quite surprised. It is a kind of light show. Because they stern change in the aquarium of color seems like changing the color of jellyfish. This from bright pink to green.
had at the end of the tour you have the opportunity to stroke a few species. It was not easy because some species rather quick swim.
I must say that I found it a very nice aquarium, many different types and beautifully maintained!

Tiger carpet dates from 1920

What a view!

cool jellyfish

Nemo and his friends

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