Salkantay trek Peru

A breathtaking trek, literally and figuratively. This is how the Salkantay trek can be best described. It is a trek through the Andes Mountains that 3 days and takes on the 4th day you get to go visit your reward by the Machu Picchu.


The day before the trekking guide all came by to give a briefing. Here he explained how the draw went expired, what to bring zoal and what the possible inconveniences. You also get each a pocket where you can insert 5kg of stuff including the sleeping bag you get there. These bags will be worn during the day by horses and mules to the campsite. The trek is a crew bring about 8 man. two cooks, two guides and about 4 people who provide logistics, bv. setting up tents or accompany the horses. exciting, cold and tiring, it was being.

Day 1: 14/08/2018

The first day we were picked up by a minibus and drove from Cusco (3400m) to Mollepata (2900m). From there we went to start the journey. The first part is, what the guides call, 'Still flat'. This means that it rises in each case, and then again it is flat. This hike for 1h, after 2 hours it was still pretty flat walk into Soraypampa (3850m). During the walk we saw the Humantay, Mount Salkantay next to you on day 2 climb. In Soraypampa waited cooks us a nice meal, each first meal of soup followed by very tasty food. I would dare even call it the best food of the entire trip. (we could just take them for the rest of the trip…) After the meal we had to climb once more to 4150m, This took about 2 hours. After a day of hiking 5am we could do appreciate that our tents were already set up for us. Because we slept so high, There was a lot of wind and it cooled overnight to -10 ° C. A thick sleeping bag and plenty of clothes, that was the message. Since there are around 18:00 is already dark, Everyone went to bed early. Of course it was first enjoyed the food and there were some games played, very good for the group atmosphere. Also seeing the galaxy and the millions of stars definitely a highlight.

Day 2: 15/08/2018

Rise even before the sun rises and wake up with some coca tea. This tea is made from leaves of the coca plant. This helps it seems quite good against altitude sickness. I'm not personally a fan of, tastes just what this leaves. After a hearty breakfast with pancakes (Yes of course, We were really spoiled) we could start the hardest day of trekking. We went hiking 8am, but not just 8am, we went to the top of reach 4600m. Not top of Salkantay, because this is 6270m, but the top of the draw. I think that already high enough. If you do not first have a few days in Cusco spent is enormously difficult to walk at this altitude. It really grabs your breath and you feel like a panting dog. After a total of 2h to 3h climb, we could not help but be happy. The view was literally breathtaking. At the top we have also done a ritual. A tower built with stones where you each 3 laying stones. These are the condor, puma in slang. This is the same as the Incas sky, Earth and hell. It's a thank you to the sun god. Afterwards actually had yet to begin the toughest. We went overnight at a camp which was at 3300m altitude, which is still descend 1300m. We have the next 5 at 6 am therefore done nothing but fall. After lunch, 2,5You walk to the top, the setting was changed from rugged mountains to rainforest. Something completely different, Therefore I love Peru. Finally arrived at the camp everyone was suffering from muscle pain and sore knees. Another nice meal and a briefing on the last day, then we could be good again soon to sleep.


Day 3: 16/08/2018

Today we went again at 8am 9am walking. Another solid day to finish up with so. Really tiring it was not as it largely flat or flat inca’ was. What made this trip was tiring muscle pain. Every move you felt extra hard. We hiked out to Playa Sahuayaco we went to lunch. Here were still eating together many different groups. Now it was time for a break, 1can use the bus until Hydro electrica. This is the starting station of the train to Aguas Calientes (2000m) rides, the town where we were going and finish the night. If you had, you can also just take the train a lot of trouble. We obviously went a little longer and put 2,5h walk along the track. It was powerful to walk through the rainforest and a bit of rain at the end of the journey did not deter us. I must say that the last meters were an eternity, but the satisfaction you afterwards did on arriving in Aguas Calientes was huge. We looked very hard looking forward to finally again to sleep in a warm bed. so said, than done, Time in bed and what did that virtue. We were ready for that Machu Picchu.

The Salkantay trek literally was a highlight of my trip in Peru. heavy, but definitely worth!


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