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Northern Argentina

11 July 2019
Arriving in Salta, where would start the real adventure. Salta is a city located in northern Argentina, zo'n 1700km van Buenos Aires, So we have been a little trip down to. I thought it was a beautiful city. It is a city with an Inca past, like many cities in Peru. It felt a bit nostalgic. After a short city tour and meeting with all the dogs, there were these days a lot of activities planned: horse riding, rafting and ziplining. Also on land, at sea and in the air, something for everyone so.

From Salta, we drove through a huge beautiful mountain scenery, towards Humahuaca. We were unfortunately not interested this time in the mountains, but the plain yet to come. The salt flats, ‘Salinas Grandes’. I looked forward to it, it is in fact something that we do not have in Europe. Fortunately there was also met all my expectations, it was really worth. There were not many tourists so much extra rest and place for us to enjoy the sunset on the salt flats. When all that white gradually rose, orange and black began to be, it was also time for us to retire to mountains.

22 July 2019
It was about time to go look for the summer. We drove to Iguazu. A town on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, but it is more known for its massive waterfalls. The temperatures were in the meantime also been increased from 15 ° C to 26 ° C.
Upon arrival at the park we went out with a speed boat to the foot of the falls. It was a short but fun experience. Afterwards we could do what we wanted and we could all one falls for one to admire. We did start with the best known ‘the devils throat’. After a busy uncomfortable train ride and much dawdling behind a lot of people, we could finally see the waterfall. This was lucky it, but longer than 5min I could not stand it, way to busy. After it was this attraction behind the back, We started the walks smaller waterfalls. I could really relax and enjoy the beauty of nature actually is not. It has nevertheless surprised me enormously busy morning.

Argentina, it is a country that you can definitely leave confused. There is much to see, many different things especially. It was a trip that showed me everything about a country I knew so little and still I'm not sure I understand the meanwhile.

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