While I verbeef in New Zealand, I went to Avondale College. The school has 14 ha of land including 7 sports fields. Because of the large area the school has a lot of possibilities.


The school works with a ' flexible’ school shedule. This means that you ( as you get older) can choose more and more subjects 5 wich you practice every day. In the year that I was (years old 11) It is obligate to follow 5 courses.


At school it is required to wear a uniform. This uniform is different per year. Year 9 and 10 ( 3th and 4th of high school ) wear the same uniform and year 11 and 12 ( 5th and 6th of high school) wear the same uniform. I will be in year 11 and that means that you have a black and white striped shirt and we should wear a white blouse and a black jersey. They expect from you, that you wear every day a perfect uniform to come to school.