~ 06/02/2016 till 13/02/2016 ~

I stayed for a week in Sweden during the spring vacation of 2016. If you like some adventure and cold temperatures, I can assure you that this is a top destination!

Day 1:
We started the week with mountainbiking. After a good breakfast we were ready for it. But in Sweden, there are a lot of mountains so it wasn't that easy, It was very tiring. But we had cycled around 10km in the rain. But it was all worth it because the arrival place was very nice. A beautiful church with beautiful views of a frozen lake.

Day 2:
Because there was not so much snow,the next day we were ready for adventure and a walk. We spotted some mooses ( beautiful animals! ) during the walk. We walked in an area where you could see the influence of the ice age. And in the evening we saw something we really did not expect. We saw the northern lights. It is really nice!

Day 3:
Who says Sweden, says huskies. The third day we went went for a walk with the huskies. It was a Dutch couple that had 28 huskies. Everyone got his own dog for the walk. I got Esra. Esra was the only dog with spots and is 4 years old. We started the walk and soon I realised that I had received the heaviest and fastest dog, she pulled you everywhere! They are very strong dogs! It was even hard to stand still.

Day 4:
We went skiing on the fourth and final full day. This is of course a part of every winter holiday! It was an exceptional skiing experience. Skiing in Sweden, isn't something you do every day. It was not a huge ski area but big enough for one day. There were two skislopes, a blue one and a red one. After skiing, we enjoyed a barbecue and then a campfire with some marshmallows.
I enjoyed my week, now it's your turn 😉 !

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    mountain biking
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    Esra, my husky of the week