New Zealand

Some facts about New Zealand:

  • Belgium – Auckland : 18 281,42 km (Auckland is the city where I was staying)
  • The nearest neighbour is about 2000 km of New Zealand.
  • The highest mountain which is on the North Island of New Zealand is a volcano.
  • in Maori, New Zealand is called "Aotearo". Aotearo means ' land of the long white cloud '.
  • New Zealand has a bit more than 4 million inhabitants.
  • In the past, Auckland was the capital city of New Zealand (Now it is: Wellington)
  • Many people walk barefoot / slippers around.
  • De Haka, originally a war dance, may only be performed by men.
  • Maori is still an official language.
  • The steepest street in the world is located in Dunedin (South Island)
  • The Kiwi – a bird – is the national animal of New Zealand:

    Show them that kiwi's can fly!The Kiwi

    The places I have visited in New Zealand: