Buenos Aires

Argentina: a land full of unknown pearls. I went without any expectations and as the journey progressed, I became more and more convinced of the country. Transit through Argentina, 3 weeks and here's how it started.

Upon arrival in Buenos Aires was just looking at what continent I actually sat. The city is also called "the Paris of South America ', but I'm still not entirely convinced. The colonial history andEuropean dream there is a lot of tampering with the architecture in the city. It is a mix of different styles, which are individually definitely worth, but they are often poorly maintained due to lack of funds. In contrast, much has been invested in various parks, which are very pleasant to stroll. Unfortunately this was sometimes at 8 ° C some fresh. Buenos Aires is very large and you move so you do your best with the metro, so you can easily move from one district to another go. Each district has its own characteristics, This shows especially on arrival in La Boca ". The most colorful part of town. It used to be old port houses built from panels. To overcome the depressing nature, they used the remaining paint from the ships to their homes to brighten up. It is a real tourist attraction. If you go in the city is still looking color, you should go to the presidential palace. A rose building, very special though.

Who says Argentina, says also tango. A dance full of feeling and passion, looks simple, but it is not. one tango, which is the amount of experience we have. Close we did a millonga. Much cheaper than a real tango show and yet equally amusing. It is a place where people come together and just tango. The room was not so great, but yet collided no torque. That was us unfortunately not the case, rotate in a circle, it sounds however not so difficult.

Na 2 Nights Buenos Aires was the first time for our movement to a night bus. In Europe, travel by night bus sometimes really hell, but here is anything but bad. You have different types of classes on the buses (just as in trains). The 'cama' class is the best. Maximum 3 seats per row (where there is usually 4 ..). They are therefore a wider package and can flatter than ours. Ideal for sleeping. Also provided is often dinner because you surely long sitting on the bus. 8You and a good nap later we arrived in Cordoba. A story in itself.

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