Canada Day & CN Tower


Although I only arrived yesterday in Canada (Toronto) I already did a lot. 1 July, Canada Day, is a special day. This year they celebrated the 150th anniversary of Canada. Because of this special day, a lot of events and festivals are organized. You can probably imagine that it was very busy today. So I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to do some sightseeing in Toronto 🙂 .

From where I stay, I have to take the bus to the St. Clair West station. From here you can easily take the subway everywhere. The metro is very easy and fast. Before I went out, I already did some research so I knew where I wanted to go and where I had to go out . First of all I went to Eaton Center. If you want to get there, you have to get off at 'Dundas'. It's a square (where today a podium was settled ) that resembles Times Square in New York or Piccadilly Circus in London. There are also a lot of billboards. It is impressive to see how many tall buildings there are in Toronto. Then you realize how small you really are. I entered in the large shopping center. You can find there literally everything. I bought me the stuff I needed and then went to eat something. Since it was only noon and I still had a lot of time left, so I went to the CN Tower. To get there I had to take the subway again to Union Station. When I arrived I still had to search for the entrance . Because you can see the tower from the subway but, where do I have to go inside? After a short walk, I had found it and I could buy my ticket. You can buy a ticket for two different heights. I decided to go to the lookout at 346m. When it was finally my turn to step into the elevator, We were up pretty quickly. It was definitely worth going up here! The view you had was wonderful. There was not a single piece of Toronto that you could not see. There was a small piece of a glass floor where I had to stand on of course. From this height you could also see where it all the events were , there were a lot. When, I got back down, I decided to look around on a square near the CN Tower. Everything was white or red today 🇨🇦! Eventually I went home again. It was a beautiful day!


A new location, and also many new and unusual things. The things that I already have already noticed / the things I found funny, will be listed below.

1. Number plates are white with blue letters here
2. Canada is more expensive than it looks. The price on the price tags is never what you really need to pay. Er komen altijd nog wat ’taxen’ on it.
3. ‘Get in the queue’ is a rule that applies here. Do you want to go on the bus? Get in the queue.
4. Milk does not come from bottles, but it comes out of a bag!
5. On the Canadian dollars (coins) there are – not like ours, Heads and buildings and numbers – but beavers, bears, moose and ducks on the coins. Typically for Canada 😉. They also have coins of 25 cent. 6. There are really a lot of Asians.

This list will probably still grow, but, it was just my first day 1 😊.

Nice view!

CN Tower

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