ILAC, first impression


Today I had to go to school for the first time. There was a small problem. I did not receive any e-mail with the exact details for the first day of school. Through some research on the site itself and also on the website of WEP, I finally went from me to 14:00 had to be at school. To get to school I have to get in Rosedale. Since you best get on this bus stop, was an Italian girl from my family to show me the way. They are staying here 2 weeks and knows her way so all good. When we arrived, I turned definitely still something to be late. I was taken to the library to Toronto where everyone sat and was busy taking the test. I immediately got my test and was allowed to start. ( Even in between: There were really a lot of new students!) It consisted of a writing task and filling in the blanks. Na de test kregen we een kleine rondleiding in de stad en werden we naar de belangrijke bijeenkomstpunten gebracht. We also achieved our activity which stood on when and where what we do. Around 16:00 The school was already there, and we were allowed to go home. I'm out with my new friends (mainly Brazilians, Spaniards and Russians) went to Eaton shopping center. I was immediately activated as a guide because I already know well my way.

Afterwards I went home and there was a feast waiting for me. There was someone's birthday so there were guests and a lot of food. I mussels, squid, scampi, kip, rice, skewers, noodles, … and more eaten. To conclude, there was of course a dessert.


On my program today was the "City Bus Tour. It is such Sightseeing bus where you are at the top and there is no roof over your head so you can see well. I was expected to 09:00 in Ramsden Park. From there we left. Not everyone has the same program so it was not too crowded. We sat on the bus for about two hours and visited a large part of Toronto. There are more than 300 skyscrapers, What Toronto is the city with the most skyscrapers. Pretty impressive! What I found strange to see, is how the old buildings and churches (sometimes of the 19th century) stand face to a super modern building. It is almost unbelievable. But definitely worth 😊! What I also remember is the following: The guide said that if you want to come across as a true native of Toronto, then you must pronounce the name of the city as Torono '. They say also the second T in Toronto tourist state 😉.

At 14:00 we were expected in class. First, any sort in which room / building in which you were supposed to be and the lesson could start later. You have to each lesson 18:00 and there are two breaks 10 minutes. The lessons are not as in Belgium, it is something more 'relaxed'. For example, we all sat in a circle today. I'm in a class 16. 4 boys, 12 girls. 4 Brazilians, 2 from the Dominican Republic, 9 Spaniards and 1 Belg. After school I went home already. It was worth!

Casa Loma castle

Eaton Square

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