Busy, busy, busy

A daily or an activity scheduled. A busy schedule so!


Today was a rather quiet day. There was at no scheduled morning and activity was therefore only to 14:00 at school. I have been to 11:30 agreed with two Spanish friends (both of which are in my class) in Eaton Centre, namely what they wanted to go shopping.
After we looked around and had eaten something, we went to class. We had even some homework from today (I obviously had a lot).
In the evening there was “Medieval Times & Dinner” on the program. I was not sure what I had to expect, but it was really worth. We left the bus to a big arena. We got given a table. There were no round tables, boot or long-, small tables where everyone just sat next to each other. You namely looked down at the arena, a slope (for horses) turned out to be. Also, all tables had a color and was in this way you split into groups. When the show began it soon became clear what was intended. They took us to the Middle Ages where the knights fought on horseback to the lady.
We had tomato soup and garlic bread as a starter. While we ate, we got to see beautiful horses who did all kinds of cool tricks. Afterwards, the Knights. As I sat in the yellow block, the yellow knight was our representative. There were six knights who fought against each other. After our appetizer was, they brought the main course. This was half a chicken, but patat. (Yes, but 1 fries. But it was a big and you really had enough along 😉). Well we got no cutlery, just as when. The Knights now started real duels. It seemed very real and everyone was very enthusiastic hoping would win their knight. When the dessert arrived there, it was time for the final battle. Yellow knight did not win unfortunately, but we have definitely amused.
Meanwhile, it was 21:30. Time to go home. But do not worry. The bus I took to 22:18 was even fuller roof of the bus I take to 12:00.


On my fourth school, I had been up early. At 08:00 expected in Ramsden Park. This means on 06:00 rise. Laser shooten this morning was because of schedule. After a fairly long metro ride followed by a bus ride we could finally start to the game. Since we were pretty much, We were split into two groups. Group 1 could start. I was in group 2, and if it was up to us, we all got a harness’ and a laser "gun’ administered. Sensors were on our backs, abdomen and shoulders. It is in these places that were touching. You had your laser aiming for someone else during this 5 to turn off seconds. At the end was added to your total score. We walked around in a maze. It was fun and exciting. A second game was played. This time two teams. You could now so just off the players of the other team. I was in red team and we won 😊.
After the activity, we went back to the center where we had two hours of time to eat our lunch. Then it was time for class. I think the lessons very enjoyable yet educational. Highly recommended, I would say!
After class, I went home to get some relax.

The friends

Our yellow knight

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