Day trips


Today we went to Wonderland, Canada’s Wonderland. This is a theme park in an hour from Toronto. We arrived around 10:30 and had to 16:30 leisure. When we were inside, we flew there immediately. We took a map and went to (almost) all attractions clockwise. I do not like to hurry so I sometimes stood on the side. But I did not mind. Er was toch 'free wifi’ throughout the park 😉 . The third attraction we did was the ”Psyclone”, i've done three times, I liked it very much. Afterwards we did the “Sledge Hammer”. I found this very nice. When the clock hit midnight, we went to eat. Since I forgot to lunch, I had to buy food.
We then went to the “Windseeker”. This is the top attraction of the park (92m). In itself it is a very quiet attraction, it revolves round, but it's just best high. After the Skyjump everything is relatively natural 😉 . Then we went to the “Mighty Canadian Minebuster” (I did not like, too many shocks while driving), from “Vortex”, “The Bat” (I continued down), “The Fly”, and much more. To close the day, forests we still do a few water attractions. It was also very hot. We did our bathing suit and dived into the “Timberwolf Falls” and the “White water canyon”. We were very wet, but thanks to the warm weather we dried up quickly. It was then already time to go home. It was a nice day.


Algoquin park. At 07:15 We were expected at Ramsden Park. This was so up very early. The reason we left so early is because 3 hour drive. Alqonquin park, in one of the largest parks in Ontario.
After our bus trip was over, We were immediately hour free time to eat something quiet. We did this in the place where we were then expected to canoe. After dinner it was time to board the canoes. We had a three in a canoe. I went along with Larissa and Letitia, two Brazilians. First we had not by how we had to sail straight, but in the end it all went very smoothly. We were at an island dangers and there are also just gone by the wayside. After the (short) stop we went back to the side to treat ourselves as an ice cream. We asked two balls but had no idea of ​​the size. We got there so basically four. While we ice(it is) opaten, We went back on the bus and we went to the 'loukout trail'. We went for a walk to the top of a mountain to be there enjoying the view. It was sometimes steep but once upstairs we could really enjoy. You had a view of a very large part of the park. After the walk, we went to the visitor center and then drive home again.
After a long drive (because it was rush hour) I came home to 21:30. It was a beautiful but long day!

on the island


Larissa for “Sledge Hammer”

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