Week 2 in Toronto

After I finally found a free moment, to write, I can now tell you more about my second week. (Do not forget to take a look at my instagram.)


Sunday we always have a day off and this we can fill by choice. We finally decided with the group (consisting of ten members today) to go to Chinatown. This is not far from the Spadina subway station. From there we had to take the tram. The tram is called a ”streetcar” here. It was my first time in a Canadian streetcar and it was really modern and fast. On arrival we looked around and we stopped here and there in the cheap souvenir shops. After looking around for a while, Leticia and I decided to go shopping. Het werd eens tijd πŸ˜‰ . We've been quick to Eaton and have us amused.


Today, the CN Tower was scheduled. I had indeed been agreed, but I did not mind doing it once again. When we arrived upstairs, I thought quickly: "How lucky I've been here before!’. Indeed, it was a bit cloudy and the beautiful view was sometimes hampered. All in all I think still worth the CN Tower. It was just fun to be there with friends, This creates a better atmosphere.
Since it was a Tuesday, I had to go to school today. We were even prepared one last time for the "big exam’ Wednesday. Today we also got homework with. We had been at home writing a text 220-260 words. This task would we Wednesday, at the start of the lesson, should issue and these points also count towards the exam. so it was important to do your best. After the lesson, we went quickly to Walmart. This is a well-known chain in America, I should therefore enter. It's basically a department store, nothing special. At home then but.


For today I watched for a while from. Because there was a 'Social Party’ on the program tonight (from 18:30-21:30), not very long so. But, Before we could go partying, we had to take the exam. This consisted of three parts: write a text (45me), a reading test and "use of english’ test (1hour and 30min) and a listening test (45me). A tall order so. Between the three parts we had each a ten minute break. After the exam we had played a game.
It was then time to come together for the party. We were expected at another property of ILAC to 18:15. From there we went by subway to Bathurst in order afterwards to take the tram to the club. After we finally arrived we were given three vouchers. One for food and drink for two. We had dinner here because as we very late coming home.
After the pleasant evening I came home to 22:56. This is right on time, because the ILAC rule says that in order 23:00 be home, every day, without exception.


It was hard to get up this morning. Yesterday came home late and today we were again 09:30 in Ramsden Park expects to go karting GO. When I first arrived at the subway station of St Clair West, I was told that the activity was canceled due to rain. Indeed, it was the worst day of the week. Of course I was already halfway'm so but just went to the park. There still were waiting some girlfriends. If we had known this in advance, of course,, we could sleep. And yes, we had then but decided to go to Yorkdale. This is a shopping center all the way from the center and then also located on the penultimate stop of the yellow metro line. After looking around in the maze (it was really too big) We went all the way back to go to school.
Arrived at school, we got our results immediately. If you 80% had more or you could go to the next level. Dit was blijkbaar het geval bij mij πŸ™‚ . Of the 16 classroom go there 5 to the next level. exciting haha.
Since it was the last class of the week and the exam was passed, we watched a movie. 'De Trumanshow', an old classic say. I found it quite a nice film!



Finally it was time. We went to look at Ontario's most beautiful waterfalls. De Niagara Falls, I was really looking out. We left around 09:30 and got ready for the trip. Before we went to the waterfalls, we stopped in a small town "Niagara On The Lake '. It was very cozy. The town is, like the name says, located adjacent to a lake. Lake Ontario. We therefore walked to during our free time. The funny thing is that the country that you saw on the other side, de USA was. That's very strange to realize. Afterwards we go get an ice cream. It was really tasty ice!
After a short stop we drove to the real falls. During the trip to the falls, we were the world's smallest church against. This is just big enough for 6 people. You can get married, but the queue is about 2 years old.
On arrival we had free time only a half hour to myself to look around, take pictures and eat our lunch. We had a walk to the Canadian waterfall, the horseshoe. You have namely two, the American and Canadian. Of Canada is much better. It is really worth, I found the falls really super nice. It was then time to crawl on the boat. We all got a red poncho, that would protect us from the water. The ride took about 15 minutes. First we passed the American waterfall. This means, technically, we were on the border with the US. Afterwards we went to the horseshoe by boat. We vaarden really in, it was really powerful to see how wild the water was. Since you do not fall in love to. Also, we got a real shower, without the poncho we were soaked.
When the boat was over, We even drove to one of the newest shopping centers and there were also free time.
I thought it was a spectacular day, voor herhaling vatbaar πŸ˜‰ !



Today an African Lion Safari was scheduled. Best peculiar here in Canada. We would normally go to 09:30 but the second bus was too late. Of course, I had the misfortune to sit in the second bus. We eventually left for 10:15. It was an hour drive but with traffic it was soon half hour. Upon arrival we had to have leisure time. We jumped on the safari. We drove a large reserve in where we were first greeted by lamas and some birds. During the ride we were also explain what there was to see. We drove to the lions, these were actually pretty lazy. Our ride took about an hour and we saw all kinds of animals. giraffes, zebra’s, Rhino's, ostriches, apes,… The monkeys were very playful. She climbed onto the car and drove sometimes even several meters along.
After our safari tour we had free time. The group and I are going to watch a bird show (that we have not quite bored by the heat) and then I sit down on an elephant. You could clear a ride on.
It was a short visit but it's nice to be with

Since we were back fairly quickly, I am with Ana, Arina and Alejandra to Harbor Front went. We had taken the subway to Union Station and after a short walk we arrived at the lake. We had put us in a park and enjoyed some of the atmosphere.


the group of Chinatown

Arina, Lola, myself, Natalia

Larissa, myself, Arina

De rode poncho’s

The horseshoe in the background

American falls off, Canadian behind

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