Tiritiri Matangi Island


After school I went to Mount Eden with Anna and Julia today. This is about half an hour on the train from Glen Eden. When we arrived at the station we had to walk half an hour to the top of Mount Eden 'mountain'. The view was really nice there. One of the things I find very special in New Zealand is that you are in the middle of the city at once can have a mountain. A mountain consisting solely of grass and trees. At the top you could see a crater of a volcano in the far, distant past. It was, I have a quite strenuous hike say! Since the early dark here, We have put us a look at the sunset. Although it was a bit cloudy, it was nice to see. We hebben ook onze turnkunstjes naar boven gehaald en wat foto’s genomen 🙂 . When it started to get dark, we gradually move to our home.


~ Tiritiri Matangi: “Tossed by the wind” ~
I am today with the same quartet as the other islands departed again. We had to get up very early today. We got up to 06:15 to be on time at Britomart to take the ferry to Tiritiri Matangi who for 09:00 departed. We had advance order all our tickets, otherwise there is probably going to be no more. When we had put in the boat was a 1 pm and 15 wait minutes. The ferry went first to Gulf Harbour and sailed over to Tiritiri Matangi. After the boat ride, it was finally time to explore the island. We had first looked at the map and had – since we 5 h had the time on the island – a walk 3 hour and half chosen. Exclusive eat on time for our dinner. Tiritiri Matangi is known for its wild birds and pest-free environment. It was very pleasant. All you could hear was birdsong. We left our walk towards Hobbs Beach. This is the only beach on the island. It is not very big and is made along a side completely out of stones. Water on the other hand was superb. It was really blue! After a short beach photoshoot we Karewau draw followed. This was a walk in the woods where you could spot some cool birds. Also were here to find trees of up to 1000 years old!! After the walk through the forest, we make our way to the East Coast. Now the wonderful views really began. We had an island away. The combination of all shades of green was (of the grass and trees) and all shades of blue (the air, without clouds, and the sea) really beautiful. It looked really pretty unrealistic! After the breathtaking views we went higher up, towards a lighthouse. This lighthouse is still in the same condition as in 1864. We have our lunch eaten here and have done what quieter. We are going to make some small walks and took a look at the gift shop. (Nee, ik heb niets gekocht 😉 ). We have then the only ferry 15:30 taken back to Britomart. We have really enjoyed the outing!


Taken just before we arrived in Hobbs Beach


Mount Eden


One of the nice birds!


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  1. Lieselotte

    Because I do not immediately see something else to post a comment, but then in this post: Happy Birthday!! Here on time, there might be too late.. Hopefully it was one to frame and never forgetting!! Still enjoy the last moments there and see you soon!!

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