first days


My first full day was quiet. I was able to sleep a lot and I actually enjoyed it. In the afternoon the children (Lila and Elena) came quickly towards me. We had played the rest of the afternoon on the trampoline. But wow,, they really never get tired! 😅 When it became evening, it was time to eat. We went to a local market. This market is located on a parking every week, on Thursday. I have eaten an Hungarian bread and 'dumplings’ . . As dessert I ate a waffle in the shape of a fish that was filled with chocolate.


We had left quiet early to the sister of Luanna. She lives in Pukekawa. It is an hour driving to the south. The views were really beatifull. I've never seen so many trees – nature in general – as in New Zealand. We putted on our shoes and went straight to the sheeps. It was very cute to see, because not so long ago they give birth to some lambs. We couldn't pet the sheeps, because they were too afraid.
After lunch we went to visit the chickens. They have 8 chickens I think. I especially liked it because is was cute to see how all the children tried to catch the chickens. (Ik deed eigenlijk ook mee ๐Ÿ™‚ ). We returned home and than watched television together.

Dingen die me opvallen ๐Ÿ™‚

Because of the New Zealand accent they say some words differently than we are used.
egg –> โ€˜igg’
shark –> 'shak’
anywhere –> โ€˜ienywhere’
You also say Lila’ as "Layla’ and 'Elena’ as 'Ilina’

Some pictures from the farm:


above: Me, elena. Under: Lila, Iris, Stanley, Locklyn


Elena and I holding a chicken

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