My birthday


Because it was the day before my birthday we had planned a little party. Suong and I (Suong is a German girl) organized a bowling night. We did it together because we are sharing our date of birth. We had invited some friends . In total we were with 18. We played twice. In total I even had 4 strikes. 🎳. I was quite proud about myself, I didn't expect that. After bowling, we went to a park and there waited until midnight. Once it was over and we returned home by taxi. It was a nice evening.


Today it's my birthday. Finally 16 years old, .. I didn't let that just pass. Anna and I had inscribed ourselfs for the Skywalk. This is a walk on the Skytower. No ordinary walk off course, but one outside, on an iron platform about 60cm wide that goes around the Skytower. That is why you defenitly need to wear an armor. This will attache you to a rope that ensures your safety. We were really looking forward to it. A little adventure in my 16 is no problem ;) ! When we arrived at the counter, We were a little disappointed. There was too much wind so it would be too dangerous. It was therefore abolished. We had two choices. We could inscribe us again hoping for better weather or we could register us for the Skyjump which would take place in a quarter. The Skyjump is literally a jump from the Skytower. It is a kind of free fall from a 192 metres hight. We decided to do it. 🙂 . We were escorted upstairs and we were put in a harness. Then it was time to jump. We both got a GoPro on our left and they took two pictures. Anna jumped first. It was pretty brave of her. Because she has an enormous fear of heights. But especially for my birthday she did it. When she landed safely, it was my time. The scariest part was actually the time you hang over the edge and you have to jump at any time. In the end everything went well. When we then went back inside to give back our armor we were proud of ourselfs. We never thought we would do it. So, zeg nooit nooit 😉 .


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