My 3rd weekend

On weekends there are always nice things on the program. This weekend was quite limited but bored me I do certainly not!

Saturday 06/08/2016

Just like last weekend Lila and Elena are to soccer practice gone. This time I'm gone. I really liked this not because it seems to me never rained so hard as Saturday morning. As spectator’ you should be clear as the players stand outside. Can you take shelter anywhere and that is best against when it rains. When they came back from soccer practice, we got ready to go swimming. The pool is fifteen minutes away by car. In this pool Lila and Elena also have swimming lessons every Wednesday. It is quite a large pool. They have a water slide, a wave pool, an Olympic swimming pool, a diving pool, small swimming pools for toddlers and a piece or 6 jacuzzi’s. We have our first very amused at the wave pool but then transferred to the slide. Once there, we had enough we went to the diving pool. This is a very deep bath. Here, then springboards at different heights. They were not all open because if you are inexperienced jump off a shelf 8 meters high sometimes dangerous. Time passes quickly when you're having fun, it was therefore time to return home.

SUNDAY 07/08/2016

I got up this morning with a big smile. I had namely registered for a walk on horseback. Really obvious-in was not. We hadden enkele probleempjes maar uiteindelijk is het toch goed gekomen 🙂 . The walk continued at Muriwai Beach which is approximately 45 minute drive. It began to 10:30. We all were assigned a horse. I got Brenda. Brenda is not I afterwards noticed the easiest of hope. She rides it up in front but since I do not know, I was placed second road. They also find it to be close to her extremely annoying when other horses. This lets them know the rest with a small kid. This kid she repeats more than once, but really I found this totally. We started our trip on the beach. We were very lucky with the weather! At some point, the group was (from 9) split. The experienced riders continued galloping on the beach while the inexperienced declined and walked just beyond. This was really nice. Approximately in half, we went into the forest. It was really beautiful. We walked along paths that were on opposite sides overgrown with palm trees, pine and bamboo high as 3 metres hight. If I had none for me I would not even know where the tortoise is because the branches of the trees still hung in the road. 🌲🌴. In the forest we have some galloped. At one point we had to cross a small stream. Brenda was just forgot that I was sitting on her back because she splashte me really all wet.
It was anyway a really great experience.

Veel foto’s heb ik niet kunnen maken aangezien ik op een paard zat 🙂


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