Waiheke Island


Today I went with the same quartet as Rangitoto to Waiheke Island. The island is further than the previous. It takes about 40 minutes by ferry. (Rangitoto was 25 minutes). Upon arrival, the difference between Waiheke and Rangitoto was immediately clear. Waiheke is much larger and is intended more for a 'sun, zee, strand’ excursion. Half of the island is also inhabited. It's basically Titirangi in miniature. Buses and you have even a cinema. Because the island is so large, it is impossible to detect it at all. We have also restricted to us that the most interesting half. But even to walk this would 7 hours are too few. That's why we hired electric bikes 🙂 . The first was a small quest to find the store, but after we got the bikes had, could start the fun!

A ticket so you can follow what I'm talking. 😊 943f74_86948a0109234193ba4ca50e01932e50_f07

We started with bikes on the Orange stip. We are then cycled out to the south. With that electric bikes are still all ahead. It was downhill so that was once twice as fast. The first half of the ride was a bit monotonous as we cycled along a path. En rarara, the name of one of the ways was: Belgium Street! But once we arrived we stopped at a beautiful lookout there and drew masses of pictures. This is why we came to the end of time constraints, too many photo stops 😂. When we got to the pink bullet came out it was really nice. We arrived on a large beach in the town of Onetangi. We parked our bikes and we put there outside of a pub with a stunning view. I got there drank a delicious cola. (Besides, the cans are here instead of large 355ml 333ml like us.) After the pleasant terrace we cycled to Palm Beach. It is located on the map where the black line a little bit goes up and finally stops. Also Pal Beach is beautiful. The weather was beautiful and it was very quiet, perfect for relaxing. Then it was time for the final stage was. A long upward cycle (not that it was a problem of course 😉 ). We finally got around 17:00 Back in Oneroa and gave the bikes back.

Afterwards we put ourselves in an Italian restaurant. I have eaten a tasty pizza with salami. After dinner we watched the sunset on the island, most beautiful! Then it was time for the ferry after a long day 18:40 to take back to Auckland. Then by train and bus, and then finally home. Once again it was a nice day!


Auckland from the ferry


my bike


Op Palm Beach


One of the wonderful uitzichtjes


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