The last time


Yesterday I had an emotional last schoolday, but now it was time to have a last weekend as well. Today I went for the last time to Britomart with the 'Island group'. We first along something to eat and then we looked around Queen Street. We also went to my favorite store (Typo) and we've spend there at least an hour to buy some stuff. . On our way we met two other international students where I also good say goodbye to for the last time. Afterwards we again went to Starbucks because it started to rain. When we went outside we looked at the Sky Tower and saw that someone just jumped out of it. Anna and I could not believe that we had done that as well. Around 4 o'clock we went back home by train. Unfortunately I also had to say goodbye to Julia and Ariane when they had to go off the train. Julia is going to leave two days after me anyway, she is going back to Germany. Anna and Ariane stay until December. Evening I started making my suitcase. Also Anna began to pack her suitcase because she is going on a camp to the South Island of New Zealand. What a lucky girl 😉.


Today we still had planned a little family activity . We had asked them if they could go with us to the Waitakere Visitor Centre. We asked them to do that because you can find there a picture frame and we would liked to have a family picture there. We did it as we said. We left at 10:00 to the Centre but we first went inside because of the unexpected bad weather and there we heard some history about this place. When the sun came through we went outside. We made a little walk and then held our photoshoot. 🙂 Nadien hebben ze ons nog meegenomen naar de Nihotupu dam. This was an impressive dam. Also a very special one, I had never seen one like that before.
When we arrived home Luanna's sister and her schilders where standing in front of the door. , Als Luanna's mum and Gretel (her dog) where standing there. They all came to sleep here. This also was a moment for me to say goodbye to them.
Anna and I crawled into bed early as we had to go to the airport early the next day.




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