Bye Canada

All good things come to an end, unfortunately. But I had a good time and I could end it in a beautiful way.


Today I was expected at Ramsden Park for the last time, this time at 08:30. On arrival took all his / her Canadian flag over so everyone could write on a text. After this was done we left the subway to Union. From there we walked to the lake. We went canoeing namely. I thought we went canoeing on the lake, but this was so not true. We went with the water taxi to Center Island, This is one of the Toronto Islands. I was very glad we went there as they are normally still closed to individual visitors. On arrival we were divided into two groups. The first group went out on the water while we were still in the country and played or chatted games. When it was our turn, we took with 15 place in a canoe. rowing, rowing, rowing,… It was very quiet and you really had in some places a very nice view of Toronto and especially the CN Tower. Once back on land we got a hot dog and lunch.
I went over with the girls to the edge of the island to take some beautiful pictures. The view was really nice. The weather was gorgeous, maybe just a little too hot.

When we came back from the island, but the day wasn't over yet. We decided with the group to go to Cherry Beach and have some 'fun’ .. We did it as we said. We left with a group of 8 to the beach where 5 others would complete us. We sat, some have swum, eaten and lots of photos were taken. It was a very nice last night with my friends.
When we went back to Union, We had to say goodbye.

I really enjoyed my stay in Canada, zeker voor herhaling vatbaar 😉 .

truly stunning views

Emily, a Brazilian


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